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Grab the moon

Grab the moonFocus on something and achieve it. That is what we call “Grab the moon“. Wise man says that the way to get what we want is to ask the right question.

First I have to ask myself: What do I want to achieve? Then I have to ask the second question: How bad do I want it? If I know exactly how to answer the first question, it only means that I am crystal clear on what I want. If the answer to the second question is: Yes! It is to die for!, then we follow with the third question: How can I get it?

Grab the moon calendarIf I rephrase, I can combine the three questions and it becomes like this: What are the steps for me to get this thing that I am dying for? Well the answer is clear, I have to use the “Grab the moon” strategy. First of all, I need a calender, after that I have to mark on the calendar, the day when I have to go and grab the moon. Then, on the same calendar, I have to mark today’s date. After that, I have to dissect into steps that I have to take in order for me to attain my dreams precisely on the day that I targeted. Meaning, that I have to consistently plan and execute my daily activities and carefully do the recording in the same calendar.

So girls, what are you waiting for? Winning a championship is the same as Grabbing the moon. Come on. Be thrilled! Exhilarating! Achieve your dreams!!