About untungrahardja

Ketua STMIK Raharja, assesor BAN PT dan Dewan Penasehat DetikDa Kota Tangerang.

Any idea about Kurma Water

What do you expect?

To use campus research to gain kurma water to corporate brand success

Mind Map, click here. 

What do we expect?

To gain corporate support on campus research

So no financial gain expected on this contribution, only basic cost,

but hoping financial support on future research

(examples of corporate financial support on research)

Mutual benefit

What can we do?

1 Build IT infrastructure on the products such as official website, connecting social media like blogsite, facebook, instagram, snapchat, line, whatsapp, youtube, all interconnected.

2 Build literature on health concern and how Kurma Water is a healthy product

(certain ocassion like buka puasa make Kurma Water a healthy choice)

(build slogan, propaganda, campaign, motto, yell yell, cartoon figure, short movies etc)

3 Build measurable campaign (before and after) to socialize (penetrate public exposure)

4 Build a sizable student crew to promote, sell and campaign on Kurma water.

5 Build online help

6 Build online ordering system

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